Healing Touch Program Inc

The Healing Touch Program is an international, multi-level educational program in energy based medicine therapy.Students learn to use a variety of hands-on techniques that facilitate energy balancing for wholeness within the individual, supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Vision: Inspire and empower humanity to achieve holistic health, healing and wellbeing.

Mission: To establish Healing Touch in every home, school, and healthcare facility through heart-centered community, education and practice.

 Healing Touch Program (HTP) is the owner and provider of the original (copyrighted) Healing Touch curriculum, founded by Janet Mentgen, in 1989. This is the core standardized educational program that has been successfully offered worldwide by HTP (formerly Colorado Center for Healing Touch -CCHT) since 1989.

Text has been borrowed from the Healing Touch Program website, where you can find additional information about Healing Touch, practitioners, classes, events around the world and much more.